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My e-consults are designed to take away the stress and indecision you may be feeling about redecorating or remodelling

Interior Colour Consult

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One  You complete my questionnaire to give me a clear picture of your wishes and needs for the space, as well as the parameters of your project. This is done by looking at several things: how you want your home to feel, any style and colour preferences you may have, your lifestyle and how you use your spaces, any existing hard finishes that must be considered, the architectural style of your home and the style of any furniture that will be staying. This will ensure you get a look that flows well with the rest of your home and and gives you joy every day!

Two  You use my detailed instructions on how to take and send clear pictures so that I can ‘see’ your space just as accurately as if I were in your home.

Three  You receive your comprehensive plan detailing all the paint colour and finish selections you’ll need to create the perfect colour palette in your space. These selections will include  Benjamin Moore paint names and numbers for walls, ceiling and trim, as well as up to five other elements such as tile, countertops, cabinetry, flooring or upholstery fabric, according to your needs. All elements will be specified using widely available brands so that no matter where you are you will be able to access the exact product or, if you prefer, pick up samples to guide you in selecting similar finishes elsewhere.

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When our consult is completed, you'll have a clear colour and finish plan you can follow to confidently create the home you want

Susan Wilson Home Colour

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