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Holiday Decor: Simple (& Beautiful!) with Natural Greenery

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Nice and Natural

Pared back interiors using natural materials in simple ways are trending right now (think: early colonists with great sense of style), and the same is true with holiday decor. Bringing nature into the home is something I'm always looking to do- I truly believe that the more connection we have on a daily basis, the better we feel emotionally. So in that spirit, I want to show you all some ideas on how to inject this authentic, natural feel into your festive season decor.

Wreaths have long been a classic holiday icon; this year we're seeing lots of simple evergreen wreaths devoid of shiny baubles and sparkly ribbon. The greenery, with its subtly varying hues and textures (and that heavenly scent!) speaks for itself.

This simple wire adorned with a mix of evergreens, eucalyptus and pinecones is a perfect example:

Let's have a look at some riffs on the basic wreath to give you some new ways to bring that greenery into your home. This swagged bough hung with little tiny vases, each containing a sweet little sprig, would look great on a wall above a console or sideboard:

The organic feel of a bare deciduous branch is a lovely way to show off a collection of smaller evergreen wreaths:

The twinkle lights are a great addition. Battery powered strings of mini-lights are easy to find, and add a warm glow to the greenery.

I'm a big fan of miniature pretty-much-anything. Take a good thing and make it tiny, it just adds extra charm, and I love having little moments scattered throughout my home to make me smile. Take some wee small sprigs of greenery foraged from your yard and stick them inside glass containers for a little touch of whimsy or for a big impactful moment, depending on the size of the grouping. This can be adapted to pretty much any decor style, depending on the containers you use:

Farmhouse? Use mason jars

Boho? Moroccan style vases

Industrial? Beakers and test tubes

Mid-century? Iconic MCM inspired vases

Traditional? Cut crystal

You probably already have something that will work with your style tucked away somewhere in your home. Who doesn't have empty white wine bottles?

And if you don't, it's easy to create some haha ;)

Sprigs tucked into clear ornaments to string on a ribbon as a garland, or to suspend from a large branch as mentioned earlier, or even from a large branch in a vase is a charming hit of mini evergreens

The look can be light and airy or dark and moody--simple evergreens go with all colour palettes. Nature is like a great pair of jeans, it goes with everything!

This olive branch swag combined with the simple olive ribbon is tonal perfection (at least I think it's an olive branch--I'm not a botanist. If you are, please let me know in the comments if I've got it wrong!) Whatever it is, it's beautiful...

Or this version of the branch hung with simple ornamentation, where the white ornaments glow against the dark wall:

Whether you want to apply sparingly or generously, there's a place in every room of your home for winter greenery. The mantel, like this more pared back version:

christmas decor mantel with greenery and white candles

(I recommend faux candles if they're being used next to greenery, and you plan on actually lighting them. Safety first!)

Or this lush design. The asymmetry makes it even more interesting:

And don't forget the stairs. If you got 'em, evergreen 'em, and keep it simple:

A simple black, white and green theme looks fresh and natural in the dining room:

And if you have a pail, a vase, a jar, a jug, you can inject some greenery (and delicious pine scent) into pretty much every corner of your home:

The Best Thing About Fresh Evergreens

One of the best things about decorating for the holidays with simple evergreens, is that they can often remain as part of your decor long past the holiday season, so that you can have natural greenery decorating your home just like you would during warmer months.

It's hard not to get behind a holiday decorating plan that is stylish, fragrant, easy to pull together with materials already in your home and yard, and gives you a daily dose of nature that's just plain good for your soul. If you've read to the end of this post, well, you've got all the ideas you need to do it yourself right here.

If the words "Just make it happen for me" are your happy place, feel free to reach out and book me for your holiday decorating. I'm just a click away!

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