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What Are the Top 4 Design Trends So Far in 2023? You've Come to the Right Place...

Trends. They're tricky. With our feeds flooded with beautiful images of the latest trendy looks, it's natural to want to recreate that look for yourself. Adding a hit of what's trending can make your home feel fresh and updated. However, if a room consists of only the latest trends, it's more likely to look dated in a few short years, when the next big thing comes along. The key is to balance where you apply the trends.

I advise investing in more classic materials and forms for the more permanent (and costly to switch out) elements like flooring, architectural details, countertops, etc. That leaves you free to have fun in smaller ways with any trends that have been calling to you, perhaps in a piece of furniture, some statement lighting, or accessories. Here are some trends that I've been seeing so far this year. Have a look and see if there are any you'd like to work into your decor this year:

Colour--We're Leaning Into It

After a decade of grey on grey, followed by several years of white and black, I think we all feel the need for a bit of colour. We’ve seen more saturated or moody hues for walls, bold colours on a sofa, and richly coloured carpets. The great news is that colour can be more timeless than neutrals. Colour will always evoke certain emotions in us. For example, yellow exudes a sunny, happy feel, while blue is calm and refreshing.

When creating a specific feel for a room, colour brings a lot to the table (or wall or sofa, haha). If you've always loved a colour, odds are you'll still love it a decade from now. Also, you're less likely to grow tired of a room decorated in colours that speak to you than a room done mostly in shades of grey or beige. So think about the colours you love, and go for it. Get some colour in your life!

Pattern on Pattern on Pattern

I love a beautifully executed minimalist room (so calm, so chic!), but I'm also very much drawn to the cozy and often nostalgic feel of a room layered in patterns. The great thing about this trend is that it can be tweaked to fit each individual's 'pattern tolerance.' If you love the high energy and maximalist feel that a high dose of patterns brings to a room, then bring on the patterned wallpaper, sofa, armchair, and all the things.

Mixing patterns successfully can be tricky, though. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you're using a variety of scales and styles. For example, you can balance a large floral with a small-scaled floral and a medium-scaled plaid. Also, a common thread in the colour palette will help it all feel cohesive.

You can achieve your personal need for patterns using them on only one large piece, like an armchair, or a few smaller pieces, like a collection of throw pillows. Or, if you love a calmer, pared-down look, skip this trend and go for an exciting mix of textural solids. Textures create patterns in their own subtle way. Whatever your pattern comfort level is, you do you.

Curves Ahead

The seventies are hot right now, and we see that in the abundance of beautiful interiors created out of sexy curved furniture. Picture a pair of sleek, sinuous sofas and a sphere-shaped ottoman floating around a curvy cocktail table. If you love a modern interior, you probably love this sculptural look.

One caveat that I have is to consider the room's function before investing in a curved sofa: their curved shape and typically low back make them more suited to perching over cocktails with friends rather than lying down for an evening of Netflix and popcorn. That being said, a few curved or rounded silhouettes are needed in every room to help soften all the right angles inherent in most furniture (even the room itself is rectangle!). Maybe you'd be perfectly served by just a couple of smaller curvy pieces; perhaps a rounded armchair or two, and an arc floor lamp.

Wood for the Win

This trend is not new, but it continues to grow in popularity, so it deserves mention. Brown is in, and we are definitely seeing a LOT more stained wood to get that brown into our interiors. It goes beyond the lighter white oak so popular in recent years to warmer and darker shades like rustic warm red oak, or a sleeker and darker walnut finish. If you've been following along with me on my blog for the past few years, you know I can get behind adding natural materials to our interiors any time.

In kitchens, we're seeing a lot more wood as well, with all the cabinetry in stained wood, a mix of painted and wood cabinetry, or simply hits of wood to warm up the overall feel. You can read more on how to incorporate wood into your kitchen remodel in this post or how to make some simple and quick changes to get the wood to look into your existing kitchen here.

Investing in Quality Furniture That Lasts

Another trend that's the opposite of trendy is the growing desire to escape the 'throw-away society'. We're looking for ways to respect our planet by reducing our waste; people want to avoid 'fast furniture' that ends up in a landfill in a few short years, and they're more willing to invest in quality pieces that will still look good years down the road. The idea of 'heirloom' pieces is making a comeback.

Trends are a great way to get inspiration and freshen and update your space, but investing in classic and timeless interior elements that you love should never take a backseat. These will stand the test of time. As with so many things in life, balance is the key!

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