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Layered Rugs--a great look that works with any style of decor

Updated: Sep 9, 2019


Hello everyone! Time for another post. With the cooler fall weather here (whether we like it or not), it feels right to start to layer up our bodies and our homes. And that means it is a perfect time to experiment with rugs we love by layering them with existing rugs in our living spaces.

This photo from domino shows that wall to wall carpeting doesn't mean you can't inject colour and interest with an area rug in your favourite style. This is a great way to add your own personal stamp to your space without the commitment of removing and replacing existing carpeting with hardwood.

Also great for minimizing the impact of a really hideous carpet colour that makes you feel ill whenever you look at it. Or to cover up great big red wine stains, not that that would ever happen to me.

Layering a smaller rug over a larger one is something I often recommend when decorating a room. It gives the homeowner more bang for their buck: a beautiful carpet that might be prohibitively expensive to buy in a size large enough for the space can instead be layered in a smaller size over a less expensive rug in the size needed to ground the furniture in the room. And people, let me tell ya, a too small rug, where at the very least the front legs of all seating can't be anchored on it, can look a little skimpy.

This tribal rug would have been way too small for the job here, but layering it over a correctly sized jute rug anchors the furniture nicely (Source unknown)

Layered rugs are a very current look right now, and the good news is that it is a look that can work with any style of decor. You'll see in the photos below that the most popular type of carpeting or area rug to use as the lower layer is a natural fibre rug such as jute, seagrass or sisal. And that is just fine by me, because I looove the textural look and feel of a natural fibre rug.

Look at this beautiful tribal rug layered over wall to wall sisal in this room by Suzanne Dimma and Arriz Hassan (House and Home)

It can work well in a fairly traditional setting, like the photo above, and in these spaces below:

Source: Instagram @bluebarnandcottage
Source: Pure Salt Interiors

This room below has a pared down and airy feel that is perfectly accented by the textures in both of the layered rugs:

Source Etsy Ebb and Thread

This look also works in a more contemporary space:

Source: Contemporary Lighting

Here's another example where a cowhide rug has been layered over a rectangular rug:

Source: Country Living

The layered look works really well to create a boho feel, especially when combined with lots of pattern in the fabrics:

Source: Amara

Or with many different patterned rugs working together:

Source: Beldi Rugs

If super-fluffy makes you happy, layer one on top of a patterned traditional rug for a taste of the unexpected.

Here, the top layer needed this lush texture to live up to the fabulous colour and pattern of the bottom layer! Source: Apartment Therapy

If you want to really go crazy, try layering three rugs, like in this room below:

Notice also the layering of the throws, the toss cushions, even the art on the mantel in this room Source Instagram @kismet_-house

If you feel your dining room could maybe use a little extra something, maybe that extra something is another rug? Take a look at this beautiful dining room (and while you're at it, notice the lovely trim painted slightly darker than the walls--perfect for a historic feel!):

This traditional rug has been layered over custom-cut seagrass. Caveat: Make sure the top rug is large enough that the dining chairs can slide in or away from the table without catching Source: ladolcevita

Layering an extra rug is a great way to make a bedroom feel extra cozy, like these beautiful rooms below:

Source: My Domaine
Source: domino

And don't forget Baby!

Source: Babylist

I hope that you enjoyed this round-up of ways to layer rugs, and that maybe now you have an idea or two percolating on how you can use this look in your own home. In the meantime, let's end with a happy kaleidoscope of colours in this photo from domino magazine:

Holy layered rugs, Batman!

Until next time,


P.S. I now have a Tip of the Week page on my website, where you can do a quick pop-in and get a fast and easy decorating tip to use right away in your own home. See you there!


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