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The 4 Luxury Textiles You Need to Elevate Your Home

One of the significant advantages of working with a designer is the access to custom elements that create a home that's uniquely yours, filled with memorable moments and luxe touches. Fabric plays a huge part in creating the magic on sofas, chairs, toss cushions, drapery panels, roman blinds, all the soft elements that lend texture and comfort to our rooms.

1. Inviting, Elegant & Vibrant Velvet Pieces

Velvet is one of my favourite go-to fabrics for upholstered pieces. The finish brings depth and richness to any colour that just can't be matched by any other fabric. Plus, it feels sooo soft and inviting. A truly welcoming room calls to all our senses, and velvet delivers not just visually but in the tactile sense as well. Toss cushions in soft velvet make for the perfect nap-on-the-sofa situation, and velvet drapery panels wrap a room in luxe warmth.

2. Fresh Character & Layered Linen Accents

Linen is another fabric that can take an interior to another level. It can feel crisp but relaxed, elegant but natural. I especially love beautiful small batch prints in 100% linen that can be the special touch in a room, adding just the right amount of pattern to give you the feel you want. Use linen in a single patterned pillow to top off a minimalist scheme of textural solids or a curated selection of multiple prints on pillows, drapery, and furniture to create the layered look.

3. High-end, Durable & Luxe Leather Pieces

Leather or vegan leather (there are beautiful options out there these days) adds character and warmth to any space. It can deliver a high-end feel to any interior style, from a sleek cosmopolitan penthouse suite to a moody English-style library. It can be so durable. It is easily wipeable and wears well; it looks better with age!

You can use leather to upholster pieces. It's an excellent option for ottomans in a family room (feet up!), stools or benches to perch on in the mudroom when removing wet or muddy footwear, and island stools that will need regular wiping.

4. Comfortable, Luxurious & Warm Wool Accents

We often think of wool as the perfect luxurious but durable material for carpeting underfoot. Wool can also play a role for the rest of our bodies (why should feet get all the coziness?). It’s perfect for pillows, blankets, and throws. Using wool helps create a space that cocoons you in high-end comfort and softness. Plus, it's a natural material, and I can always get behind natural elements in our homes.

I like to use these unique fabrics as often as possible. The great thing is that luxe textiles work with any aesthetic, can be customized to any colour palette, and have the power to elevate any decor, whether they're used on all the elements in the space or simply in small doses to lend a little hit of luxury to my clients' lives!

If you would like a professional's eye on your space, I'd love to help. Reach out, and let's make a plan to elevate your room together.




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