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Using planters to create a welcoming front entry

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

One of the things that I love most about my home is welcoming friends and family, creating memories of good times with the people I care about. To me, that's what makes a home, and I think that's how most of us feel. Our homes set the tone for our lives, both in function and in feeling. The front door is where that feeling starts, and it's easy to create a warm, welcoming and beautiful front entryway, once you look at the elements that great entryways share:

What are the details that make this pretty entry so inviting?

Of course there's the front door, painted in a colour that complements the house and makes us want to see the home on the other side of it.

Greenery is a must for adding colour, texture and a connection to nature, so planters are an important element for creating a warm welcome at your front door too.

Lighting is another biggie, along with hardware like house numbers and mailboxes. And finally, nothing says welcome like a welcome mat!

I'm not going to go into front door colours in this blog post since I have covered that topic here, so check that post out if you would like inspiration and tips on selecting a great colour for a quick refresh of your front door.

I'm going to focus today on planters, as they are really a must-have, whether you have room for one tiny plant on a stand, a pair flanking the doorway, or several groupings of urns large and small. They're a game changer, and the plants can be changed out seasonally as the year unfolds.

Evergreens are classic, and a year-round option, unless you live in a climate with very cold winters. I have used cedars in planters here in Ontario, and I haven't lost one yet over the winter (knock on wood).

I like the cute little tree on this front porch. Notice the chic black door, layered welcome mats, pretty house numbers and white mailbox here that really make this front porch lovely. It's all in the details, folks :)

Flowers can add a hit of whatever colour combo moves you. My favourite is white and green, accented with black--that's my happy place!

Ferns are so textural, and add a breezy feel to your front porch:

And check out these beauties. Errrgh, so good:

Grasses in a planter is not something people think of first for a front entry, but they can add a lot of movement and texture. I love tall grasses in a garden, so why not for the front porch?

Your local garden stores will have a wide selection of planters so you can for sure find something that suits your home. Below is a selection of planters at a range of price points and styles, all sourced from one big-box easy-to-access source, and these are just a slice of the possibilities out there:

I'm going to leave you with some sweet planters that are working hard to make their front porch sing:

Wishing all my readers a happy month of July! I hope you get lots of chances to sit on your (beautiful, planter filled) front porch on a warm summer evening and watch the world go by...

Until next time,


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