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What a colour consult looks like, and how it can help you

Many people understandably feel overwhelmed when it is time to select paint colours for their home:

How do I know what colour will work best with my flooring, my countertops, my backsplash? Should I go lighter or darker? Should I stay neutral or go with a bolder colour? How can I give my home an updated look? Aaaaaauuugh!

Bistro kitchen with patterned tiles navy blue cabinets brass hardware bistro chairs
Design Susan Wilson

Don't panic--I can help you with all these questions! I'll tell you what undertones will best enhance your space, and because I'm constantly researching and exploring in my field, I stay very up-to-date on what's current in interior design and decor. Painting and renovating are financial investments in your home, and if you're nervous about making a costly mistake, or are just overwhelmed and don't know where to start, you're definitely not alone! Many people feel that way, and put off (or never do) that dreamed-of renovation.

Again, don't panic ;) Deeeeep breaths...

I 'm here to help; I can make sure your investment will give you a space that's beautiful and timeless, current without being trendy. This will ensure your investment doesn’t feel dated in just a few years. Phew!

neutral colour palette for classic kitchen in mushroom tones with red accents
Design Susan Wilson

You'd probably feel even better once you have a really clear picture of what my help would look like in your life. So here's how a colour consult with me works:

When I come to your home, I first of all determine a few important things that will allow me to guide you in exactly the right direction:

What is the architectural style of your home?

What furnishings and hard finishes will your new colours need to harmonize with?

What is being changed, and what is staying?

What do you love about your home?

What would you like to change?

What is the overall feel you’d like to create?

These are just some of the factors that I consider when guiding you to the best colour choices.

colour palette using benjamin moore paints
Sample excerpt from colour palette for client

We then walk through the areas that are being refreshed, and using over-sized colour boards I select the colours that will work best for you. These large colour boards also mean that you can easily see how the colours will look next to your flooring, your furniture, any brickwork, etc., so you’ll feel confident with the final selections. I also specify colours for cabinetry, give colour recommendations for countertops and backsplashes, upholstery and accessories, depending on your needs. Every client is different, so you get to determine what you need!

family room mood board with paint colour selections
Excerpt from colour and textile recommendations for client

During our consult--usually between an hour and an hour and a half--, you will also have the opportunity to ‘pick my brain’, asking questions, getting my recommendations on design and decor decisions that you'd like to address. This is completely tailored to your needs; again, every client is different!

In addition to the in-home consultation, I then follow up with an emailed document outlining the exact colour and finish specifications that we discussed during my visit, as well as a recap of any design and decor recommendations we discussed.

colour palette with paints from Benjamin moore

A bonus: Once we've collaborated on colours and finishes for your home, I have a very good understanding of the look and feel you would like to create, so if you decide you'd like further assistance with the interior design and furnishing of your home, I also offer room design packages to give you support and direction for the whole journey.

classic kitchen design mississauga green cabinets soapstone counter
Design Susan Wilson

Or if you feel you're up to selecting your colour palette on your own, that's great, and I can help you with that! You can get my free guide to creating the perfect colour palette for your home at the bottom of any page on my website. It has lots of tips to help you out :)

Until next time,



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