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Wood Kitchens: They're Baaa-aack

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Love the warm look of wood in the kitchen? Here are some ways to get a little (or a lot) into your kitchen.

Nordic Kitchens

White kitchens have dominated the kitchen scene for the last decade or so, because of their clean, airy look, and how beautifully materials like classic subway tile or calacatta marble can be integrated into the look. Lately though, we have been starting to see a lot more wood nudging its way in through the kitchen door like a friendly neighbour dropping by for a coffee and a chat.

And so it should: wood is a beautiful way to add more natural elements into your home (which I am always a fan of--you can never have too much nature, as long as it comes with central heating and hot water!), and its warm tones look beautiful in an all-white kitchen. This example by ASH-NYC shows that, for sure:

wooden-uppers-marble-slab-backsplash white-kitchen

It is a look that can lean a bit traditional, like the kitchen above, a little more country, like this one below:

Or Scandi-Modern like this one from Freedom Kitchens:


Wood also looks bold and dramatic with another current kitchen colour--black! Check out this handsome fella:

Wooden cabinetry looks stunning paired with a concrete sink, soapstone counters and black tiled floor in this kitchen by Trina Hernandez:

Photo Eric Piasecki

Last post, I talked about the resurgence of colour in kitchen design, and how to get it in your own kitchen (read it here), and I'm happy to report that if you love colour and wood, you are in luck, friend, because wood pairs bee-eautifully with all the pretty colours:

This green, that green, any green! Below, the wood comes from the shelving. Easy peasy!

And blue of course, because who doesn't love blue?

Notice the wood beams? Beams are cropping up everywhere in the home these days, and they are one way to add the warmth of wood to your kitchen and have painted cabinets as well. Cake and ice cream. Or get the all-white kitchen of your dreams, plus the rustic feel of wood:

More wooden beams here, plus more wood in the form of, well, wood, chopped and piled! Talk about going right to the source.

Probably the most current combination with wood cabinetry is a stone countertop, marble or soapstone (or their quartz look-alike), but you can always flip the wood up to the countertops by going with butcher block on top. This is a very economical way to get wood (and countertops!) covered in one go:

Photo: Zeke Ruelas

One final thing to love about wood in the kitchen: It's so easy to get, without lifting a single hammer, or opening your wallet to pay someone else to do the hammering. Just plunk a few wooden cutting boards on your counter...

...or hang them on the wall (okay I lied, you might need a hammer), and call it a day.

Even simpler, dig those wooden spoons out of the drawer and display them in a nice chunky container on the counter!

And of course I will leave you with one last image to inspire you. This one is not only inspirational but also definitely aspirational; I think we all wish we could keep the clutter down in our kitchens, and whoever lives in this kitchen has definitely nailed it. Goals.

Here's hoping the next time we meet up here, the snow will be gone and the first snowdrops will be peeking up from the soil...

Until then, keep well, my friends!



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