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Holiday Tips for a Home that Feels Cozy & Comforting without the Clutter

If you're like me, the holiday season only starts once the boxes of decorations are hauled out of the basement. I like to see the old familiar pieces that remind me of Christmases past, but I also like to add a fresh new spin to the overall look each year.

It can be overwhelming to the eye when there are too many decorations in too many colours and too many styles covering every surface. A holiday decor scheme should complement your existing colour palette and style while adding a warm and glowing festive feel that sets the stage for all your celebrations.

Tip #1: Create Your Design Around a Classic Palette

Red and green are of course the colours we often associate with the season, but they aren't the only options. If there is a colour that really brings you joy, you probably already have hints of it throughout your home. Why not pick up that colour in your decorations? Paired with silver or gold for sparkle and repeated in your front door wreath, your mantel decor, and your centrepiece, it will bring a timeless and cohesive feel to your holiday decor.

If you're more of a neutrals person, decorating with your favourite neutrals also works well when paired with the sparkle of your favourite metal finish.

Tip #2: Vary Your Materials for a Curated Vibe

Designers rely on texture to bring interest and depth to their interiors- you can borrow this strategy to create a beautiful holiday feel. I always recommend a heavy dose of natural materials to add warmth and soul to your home: a blend of wood, textural fabrics in wool and linen, and metals to add some shine.

And of course greenery- lots of greenery!- is an easy way to bring nature and a lovely fresh scent into your home (find some great greenery inspiration ideas here). And the good news, as I'm a big fan of simplifying my life, is that the greenery doesn't need to come down right after the holidays. A simple green palette is perfect as your winter decor. We can all use as much green in our lives as possible by mid-February!

neutral nature based christmas decor with fresh greenery and pinecones

Tip #3: Style Your Space as a Designer Would

To get the best results with the decor you have, it's always good to keep some basic rules of design in mind. Group displayed objects together- in general, uneven numbers are most pleasing to the eye, and corralling smaller objects together on a tray or in a bowl gives them more impact. Make sure to vary the heights of the objects you're using in each grouping, and strike a sense of balance in where your decorations are placed.

One impactful holiday statement in a room (think decorated tree in the living room, oversized wreath in the dining room) is better than multiple tiny moments with no main focus. Once you have the main focus in the room, you can back it up with smaller moments that echo and reinforce the palette.

Finding Joy in Curated Simplicity

The nice thing to remember is that when you create a soulful but restrained holiday look, it can take a lot off your plate. Simplicity brings ease, and will leave you time and energy to enjoy the season with loved ones and friends.

And of course, if cozy but curated simplicity is something you would love in your home year-round, I'm just a phone call away. Contact me to book a discovery call for a home refresh in 2023.

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