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Simple steps to upgrade your front entry

We all want our home to be a place we are proud of, and first impressions count. Your front door greets you at the end of each day and says 'You're home--relax!'. It greets your guests and says "Welcome--come in and join us!' So naturally, the front door is a great place to start when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your home.

Last post I talked about how to use planting containers to make a real impact at your front door (read about it here), and today I want to give you a couple other easy ways to get a front porch with style.

Take a look at this simple but striking entry:

What are the details that make this entry so inviting?

Greenery to soften the edges - check!

Lighting in a flattering scale and style - check!

Hardware that's not just ho-hum - check!

Want some ideas for great-looking container plants for your front door? Read this post!

Now, let's talk about lighting. One of the most common missed opportunities that I see in exterior decor is just settling for the builder's basic lights that came with your house. These are often too small to make any impact, and also can start to look a little worn after a few years (they are outside and exposed to the elements after all).

Take a look at your front porch lighting. If it's less than spectacular, then this is a perfect place to start for an instant lift, and it won't break the bank. Select a style that complements the architecture of your home, and that is big enough to have 'stage presence', like these guys below:

Both of the homes above have a classic lantern style sconce, but there are lots of options out there to suit many styles; the main thing is to not skimp on the size.

I love the oversized lantern on the house below, playing off of those great little undersized lions guarding the doors. A little whimsy can add a lot of personality :)

paint colour consultant mississauga blue door white hous
Sullivan Construction

Upgrading your door hardware is another way to easily refresh and update your entry. The brass hardware on this sweet pink door adds so much character to this home, before you even get in the front door!

The beautiful monogram door knocker and striking black handle make a real statement on this front porch. (The greenery and flanking sconces help too!)

Another quick way to add some polish to the front of your home is to replace your house numbers with some new hardware in an updated font.

If your home is sporting the builder basic house numbers from 30 plus years ago, mounted diagonally on a wooden plank, then adding newer metal numbers mounted directly to your home, either vertically or horizontally, will give you great bang for your buck. The bonus is that if you can use a drill, you can pull off this project yourself on a Saturday afternoon.

This house below is beautiful to start with, but the simple numbers above the porch add even more charm:

The gold tones of the house numbers here are unexpected, and add personality to this entryway:

The porch light, door knocker, great planters and windowed mailbox are all doing their bit, too! This entry definitely says "Interesting people live here".

Now obviously the entry below already has a jumpstart to greatness with this fabulous dutch door, but the lighting and brass door handle are details that raise it even higher.

Now, my friends, step outside, take twenty paces, turn and do a quick assessment of your own entry. If people can't tell from your front door that somebody pretty awesome lives on the other side of it, that's okay, because now you can up your entryway game in a weekend with just these few simple changes! Not sure you can pull it off on your own, and want some help with the details? I'm just a call away ;)

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