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How to Decorate with Brown in 2023

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I originally published this post about three years ago, and I feel it's worth another look (and not just because it feels so good to be right, haha!) Since I wrote about the return of brown, it has continued to grow stronger and stronger-- we're seeing it now even in popular retail home decor stores. While black and white is still going strong, more saturated hues are popping up everywhere, and brown has slowly but surely been creeping back into our interiors. No doubt spurred in part by climate change and our growing concern for the environment, we're craving more nature --and natural materials-- in our homes. As more and more unpainted wood case goods and kitchen cabinetry have been appearing in our interiors, (and, yup, wood is brown) a warmer palette based on brown has been emerging, and I am so NOT mad about it. I love this living room redecorated by moi, below:

Brown Can Work In Your Timeless Interior

In my last blog post I talked about transcending the trends by buying what you truly love. If you have always been drawn to something -- a style, a colour, a material-- and you still love it now, chances are you'll still be enamoured of it in a decade (or two) from now.

So how does this idea of timelessness tie in to a current 'trend' in interiors? Well, the thing about trends is that when something you've always loved is the 'in' thing, the market reflects that. It means there are a whole lot of products and a whole lot of inspiration available for you out there! Maybe you're like me, you love the warmth and solidity of brown in all it's versions --yummy chocolate brown, cognac, butterscotch, mocha, cinnamon (okay, I'm getting hungry here--I'm obviously highly suggestible) not to mention saddle brown, camel, and of course beige, which is just a really light version of brown. And maybe you've been in need of a certain piece (or pieces) for a while but haven't quite got around to making the leap. If so, then now my friend just may be your time. You're going to see a lot more variety for you to indulge your inner brown fan.

CAVEAT: in the spirit of decorating with timeless in mind, you don't need to go overboard here! Remember the other important keys (besides 'go with what you love') to ensuring your newly redecorated rooms don't look dated six or seven years from now--MIX your styles, MIX your time periods. This is important: I'll wait here while you go read the details on that.

How to Integrate Brown to Update Your Existing Decor

Okay, so now that you're all read up on how to create a timeless and layered interior you'll love for a REALLY LONG TIME, let's just spend the rest of our time together lovin' on some brown. If you're already a fan of the colour, I'm preaching to the converted and you can just enjoy the visuals along the way; if you're not a die-hard fan, maybe you'll see some ways you can introduce a little bit of brown in a way that makes you happy, on your journey to a layered and timeless home. AND I get to blather on about one of my favourite colours. So, win-win for everyone.

Cinnamon brown:

You'll notice in the majority of these inspirational images that brown works beautifully when injected into white and black palettes, and that it works with many different decor styles:

This traditional dining room with saddle brown walls, below. Love the brown wood frames layered on the brown walls

A more contemporary setting, with the retro 70's combo of chocolate brown and orange

White and brown looking great with black accents in this modern-traditional mix with mocha walls:

Spare and minimal, brown with a slightly pink undertone:

Brown injects warmth into grey interiors, and is a great way to add complexity if you have an all grey palette. This:

And this, light grey with chocolate brown, hits of black:

Brown is coming on strong, and I have a feeling it's here to stay; I hope these photos have inspired you to inject a little brown into your interiors, whether your taste runs to a little dose of brown for warmth, or a bolder statement, like maybe painting your living room walls brown.

And if you think you're home is ready for a makeover in 2023, and you want it to be the best it's ever been, reach out now to book with me for the new year!

Until next time,


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