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Time for a Fall Refresh!

While you're swapping out your summer flowers for mums and winter kale, you may want to take it a step further: a shiny new mailbox and a new welcome mat will create a warm welcome for crisp fall days.

It's hard to be able to look at our own homes with an objective eye; we're so accustomed to what we see that we're not even noticing it anymore, or noticing when things are starting to look a little tired and worn. I know for myself, whenever I have guests coming is the time that I actually take notice of those maybe-a-bit-shabby or frankly-well-past-their-best-before-date details that up until then I had only got as far as muttering to myself about each time I walked by them: 'some day I'll have to do something about that...just not today'.

Case in point, my own mailbox

A beautiful front entry sets the mood for how you feel when you return home at the end of the day, so it's a great place to focus for an instant pick-me-up. If you'd like to get some ideas for new planters for your front porch, this post here will be really helpful, and if you'd also like to switch out your exterior lighting and hardware, I have just the post for you too.

Ok, so if you're all up to speed on how you'll be using planters, lighting and hardware for your your new fall look, now's the time to assess what you've got in the final two elements I'll be talking about today. Go on, step out your front door and look down: is your welcome mat frayed at the edges? scuffed and dirty looking? non-existent? And your mailbox: is it squeaky, rusted, faded or scratched? Or maybe it's a builder's basic that's too small to make much impact, and just kinda blah?

If you were underwhelmed by what you're seeing at your front door, have a look at these front entryways to see the difference a great mailbox can make to your home's first impression:

Look, wicker! Never miss the chance to add texture :)

This style of mailbox works well with a classic colonial home:

Or if you're game for a DIY, you could paint your mailbox to match your front door.

How cute is this?

And maybe you noticed that all these lovely front porches are accented by a welcome mat, so practical for wiping muddy fall feet. And let's face it, a welcome mat is just plain, well, welcoming.

A simple coir mat is classic and durable, and works with pretty much any style of decor. You can get them plain, with a witty greeting, or monogrammed for a traditional look, like this one:

Here are a couple 'click and buy' monogrammed options if you like a classic look:

If you like the farmhouse look, layered mats at the front door are a nice option, like the one below (and if you've been following you know I love me a layered rug--see this post)

Besides the classic coir front mat, there are lots of other options to work with all kinds of colour schemes:

I also put together a few links for you for some nice looking mailboxes (just out of the kindness of my heart ;) --none of these links are sponsored!)

Here's another angle of that charming pink front door at the beginning of the post; you can see the layered mats used here:

Friends, I hope I've given you some inspiration for easy steps to a happy and beautiful front entry that will welcome friends and family to your home. And for more ideas, have a look at the related posts below :)


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